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What is the heavy metal content and is it tested independent lab? Is it possible to get a C of A



  • Hello Mina.
    Our products is tested for heavy metals and other toxics etc. and meets the required standards towards EU regulations.
    Our products values are under the limits.

    This applies to our BalanceOil.
    The values are below the limits set by various organizations such as CRN and GOED.
    Lead < 0.05 mg/kg
    Copper <0.1 mg/kg
    Arsenic <0.1 mg/kg
    Cadmium <0.01 mg/kg
    Mercury <0.005 mg/kg

    A certificate of analysis comes with the fish oil, certifying where the fish comes from, quality and the abscense of heavy metals etc.
    Lysi is also doing as a routine their own analysis and compare it against the supplier´s certificate.

    Lysi has a new factory since 2012 which is super modern of all the technical aspects.
    Lysi also supplies products to the pharmaceutical industry and is therefor GMP certified, our oil has a GMP stamp.

    Lysi buys oils, refines, mixes and package them as different products for different companies.

    Zinzino/BioActive has set specifications for both olive oil and fish oil, as well as the finished Balance oils properties, values, purity etc. and everything is checked against these requirements.

    Zinzino askes for test certificates on the olive oil, makes sure it is tested at Vitas (Vitas are external and independent) and it is tested by Lysi.
    The fish oil has a test certificate and is tested in Lysis laboratory.
    Balance Oil is tested as final product at Lysi and a sample sends to Vitas who does an external test.
    A few times per year, Lysi sends samples to Eurofins in Germany, who also tests the product (Eurofins is an external laboratory).

    Our oil is certified to be sold in all Zinzinos markets and goes through inspections for each country.

    We don´t send out our certificates external , these are only sent out when inspections are made when for example authorities requests them.

    Have a nice day!

    Warm regards
    Emelie Director Support
  • Is every batch tested and are there any records of testing available to the public for proof?
  • Hello Khyra.

    All fish oil used for our products is tested!
    Attached is the public document for the Zinzino fish oil standards.

    Have a nice day!

    Warm regards,
    Emelie Director Support

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