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Plastic and glass bottles from an environmental perspective

What is Zinzinos point of view when it comes to the use of plastic and glass bottles from an environmental perspective?


  • Hi Madelen,

    Thank you for your question!

    Glass is used since hundreds of years since this was the only option and today it´s mainly used for marketing reasons. It feels exclusive.
    Is glass Eco-friendly? Not really!
    • Only 20% of glass bottles are recycled ( in some countries 0%) and thus the rest of these bottles are waste.
    • Glass waste ends up in large deposits sites somewhere in the country – this is really bad for environment.
    • Glass production consumes a lot of energy since production needs 1400 - 2000 C. so production is not eco-friendly.
    • Dark glass is the best for protection of the content ( like fish Oil, Balance Oil etc) from light and this require ingredients (heavy metals) in the glass production that are polluting the environment.
    • For glass bottles that are clear, an extra paper box is needed to protect the content from light – this is extra waste.
    • Glass bottles are heavy and thus transportation require more energy than when transporting products with lighter packaging material.
    • Glass factories are today considered to be environmental hazards due to their use of heavy metals and other ingredients.
    Plastic is today more commonly used for food for environmental reasons. Just walk into any food shop… Coca cola, Water, Yogurt …. Milk…
    The Swedish State Wine monopoly have a goal of reducing glass and to get 30% of the wine in PET bottles ..for environmental reasons….
    Is plastic Eco Friendly? Yes it is…even if not perfect.
    • PET : Polyethylene terephthalate
    • PET – is the better kind of plastic for the environment . It´s re-cyclable and thus become new plastic products or can be used for making clothing material (fleece) .
    • In many countries PET-recycling works well and in some countries in the world less good.
    • PET plastic that is not recycled is burned with household waste and become only Co2, water and energy
    • PET that is burned generates energy which is used for electricity or heating which is good.
    • PET bottle productions also require energy, but much less than glass.
    • PET are light and less diesel or petrol is used for transportation
    Zinzino PET bottles
    • Are certified of GMP quality (GMP = Medical grade quality system ) thus it has all certificates.
    • Are of certified virgin raw material quality (no recycled material) and are certified to be of food grade quality.
    • Are certified for not having any migration from the bottles into the content of the bottle over time, like 5 years.
    • Are certified free from Bisphenol substances
    • Are air-tight like glass and thus protects the oil from oxygen and thus keeps the quality perfect inside for many years.
    From a BalanceOil quality point the PET bottles protects the content and keeps it perfect just as good as glass.
    But from a total environmental point PET bottles are far better than glass and therefore the obvious choice for Zinzino

    Best regards
    Emma F Customer Development Manager
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