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Is there a link to get zinzino business cards from Vistaprint?

Hi, looking for a link to get Zinzino business cards from Vistaprint. Thanks
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  • Hello Moses,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    We are currently working on creating new Business Cards with a brand new design!

    We have replaced the previous link that was located in the File Library of the Back Office with the following message:

    Best Regards,

    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor
  • Good Morning,

    I saw that the new business cards are out with some Partners?

    *If so, how do I get hooked up.

    *Would like the ones that list the balance test facts on the back?

    Thank You and have a great day!

    Michael G. Simon
  • Thank you for your inquiry Mr. Simon!

    We are in the process of finalizing the new design of Zinzino Business Cards.

    Upon completion, Zinzino will announce their availability.

    Best Regards,
    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor

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