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How do I make a change to an order that's pending payment?
Jeanne Dotson Report inappropriate content


  • Hello Jeanne,

    Thank you for your question!

    In order to make adjustments to the articles of a Pending Order, the Customer/Partner must *contact US Support via phone or email prior to the order processing(*Please allow at least two business days to ensure that the adjustments are completed.)  However, a Customer/Partner can adjust the address of a Pending Order via their online account.
    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor
  • I want to change the date of my auto ship, how do I do this?
    Nancy Hebert
  • Hello Nancy,

    Thank you for your question!

    In order to change the process date for your monthly Auto-Order please contact US Support via email at or via phone, (561) 203-1767, for immediate assistance.  Please allow at least two business days for our Support Dept. to facilitate these changes.

    Best Regards,
    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor

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