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Why has Zinzino Decided to Change Their Prices?

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  • How will I be Affected By The Price Changes To My Zinzino Subscription?
    • If you now, have an ongoing subscription, under your six month binding time, your subscription will not be affected by the price change. 
    • If you have a plus subscription, that is in addition to your regular subscription, your plus subscription will be affected by the price change.
    • The price change applies to the following:  customers whose binding time is fulfilled and their subscription has continued, plus subscriptions, new subscription customers that have ordered a one time purchase product along with their regular subscription. 
    Why has Zinzino Done A Price Change?
    Under the last year we have made many investments to give you the highest possible quality in our products, and in 2016 we had the possibility to reduce our prices on our products. This let our partners and customers take advantage of the favorable economic situation at that time. Now, because of inflation, currency changes and rising commodity prices, this forces us to change our prices on February 1st, 2019. We will do everything we can so that you can continue to enjoy our products with the highest quality and at a competitive price!

    You can find a new updated price list by clicking on one of the links below:
    USA (ENG) 
    USA (ES)

    Please Note:  The price for customers that are still under their bounded time are NOT affected.  If you have a customer has a plus subscription, in addition to your regular subscription, the plus subscription will be affected by the price change. 

    For additional questions and/or information, you are welcomed to contact Zinzino's Customer Service.
    Zinzino Customer Service
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