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Next shipment

I want to skip my August shipment.   I tried calling the phone number on this website, but it says it is a non working number.
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  • Thank you for your inquiry Nancy!

    I am sorry to hear that you are experiencing issues when attempting to contact US Support.  Our contact information is listed below:  

          US Support
          Mon. thru Fri. 9am - 6pm E.T.
          Phone:  (561) 203-1767

    I will have one of our Support representatives contact you via phone today and assist you with your request.

    Best Regards,
    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor
  • Until recently, I had 1 bottle/month, as subscription. I decided to subscribe to 1extra/month. That totals 2, if ''my math is correct.'' You sent rightaway, 1 bottle, and a couple days after 2 more arrived! That makes 3 bottles. I will keep the extra, but I hope this isn't going to happen again!
    Sincerely, Ana Ujvari
    Ana Maria Ujvari
  • Hello Ana,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    I will be happy to explain what occurred. I attempted to contact you via phone today as it is probably easier to explain verbally. Can you give me a call at the office at you convenience.
        Support Hours:  Mon. thru Fri. 9am - 6pm EST
        Phone: (561) 203-1767

    I look forward to hearing from you.

    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor

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