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I got an email today about an order placed today but I didn’t place an order for any products. How can this be removed?
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  • Hello Ryan,

    Thank you for the inquiry!

    May I have the name as it appears on your account please and the login ID number or order number please?

    Best regards.
    Charlene Customer Service
  • I am trying to Order  some procuds.But I can't because I Don't know Anyone to Sales This Produces. I find this Web when I Search some High omega 3 and Dietary my question is “how can I order with out knowing someone please let me know Thank you.
  • Hello Yingzi,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    In order to order products from Zinzino, you would need a sponsor. Someone who introduced you to Zinzino. Who introduced you to Zinzino?

    Best regards,
    Charlene Customer Service

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