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I want to be a Business Partner of Zinzino

Hi there,

I want to be a Business Partner of Zinzino, how do I do that?

  • Patric


  • Hi Patric

    Thank you for your question!

    If you already know someone who is partner in Zinzino, you may join the sales team of that partner. This person can “sponsor” you into Zinzino. If you do not know a Zinzino Independent Partner, you are welcome to contact Zinzino’s Customer Care. We can find an independent partner to help you get started.

    You can register yourself in our partner webshop or an existing partner can help your register. You then will receive an email from Zinzino with a Partner ID number and password to log-in to your personal Zinzino Online Office. There you will find important information and tools. Furthermore, please consult with the person who “sponsored” you into Zinzino to access team training and activities.

    I also have attached link below to our website where you will find additional information:

    Have a good day!

    Best regards
    Zinzino support

  • Trying to become a partner.
  • Hi Eva,

    We are happy to welcome you to Zinzino as a partner.
    You can visit our website and read more about becoming a partner here.
    Please contact our customer care for further help.

    Emma F Customer Development Manager
  • Dear Zinzino Team,

    Greetings from Virender K Tomer.

    I belongs to New Delhi ,India ,I met on of my friend at her home with the product of balance oil - hence that us very useful for our health,there I saw and got the information about the product.

    So It's my wish to become an Independent partner of Zinzino.
    My friend name is - Svietlana

  • I am a partner now. Love it.
  • Hello Virender,

    Thank you for your interest in us!  Just to be clear, do you live in India?  If so, unfortunately, our company has not reached that part of the world.  We can be found in the EU countries and Scandinavia.  

    Hope this helps answer your question(s), if not come back to us and we will gladly help you further!

    Have a wonderful day!

  • Hello Eva,

    Thank you for your feedback!  We are so excited that you are with us and you are enjoying your partnership with us!  Hope you can make it to our events we have!

    Thank you again so much for being a part of Zinzino and we wish you the best!

    Have a great day!
  • Hello friends. We are home electronics and equipment repair firm in Estonia since of 1993. We have enough experience with espresso coffemakers
    Interested to cooperation with you. Today we had many offers to repair Rombouts   Zinzino capsule coffemaker. Unfortunately we do not have spare parts. Can you help us with parts? Thank you and best.
    Männiku TP
  • Hello Manniku,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    Our EU Support will be happy to assist you with your request. The link below lists Support information for all countries:Zinzino coffee is not sold in the North American markets (i.e. USA/Canada).

    Best Regards,
    Michelle Customer Care Supervisor

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