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Hi, I just found about you, know my partner, but I am in Canada and my partner is in Slovakia....So what can I do? also because the products are shipped from Europe Sweeden, correct? and when shipped to canada, are they Toll fees? do you have same products offered for canada as for let say for slovakia? and If I become the partner, because I speak slovak and english, so can i reach potential customers in different countries, how does it works with their registration...
the prices are listed in CAD or USD...for canadian market
where is the balance test send to from Canada?



  • Hello Ren,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    If you sign up as a Partner in Canada, then the products would be shipped from Canada, we have a warehouse there.
    There are different products available in Canada, you can see what is available on the website!
    You can sign up different Customers in different countries. Once you have an account, you will have that option through your account. The prices are listed in CAD on the Canadian website.
    The Balance Test is sent to Norway for analyzing.

    Have a great day!
  • Please discontinue my autoship until further notice.  I have about 3 months worth of products.
    Thank you, and please confirm receipt of this request.

    Also, please change shipping address to:

    1600 Kapiolani Blvd, Suite 1650
    Honolulu, HI  96814

    Larry Santiago

    Larry Santiago
  • Hello Larry,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    May I have the current shipping address that we have on file for you? To verify I have the correct account.

    Best regards,

    Charlene Customer Service

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