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How long is the binding period of my subscription?

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  • Your binding period is 6 months.

    If you signed your contract October 2016 or earlier, or if you have got another agreement with Zinzino, please find information about your binding period in your agreement.

    You can also contact our Customer Service for more information.

    Zinzino Customer Service
  • Hello, I'd like to extend my subscription for 3 months from today. I have some perks on my account and how can I use them. Thank you very much.
    Elena Boyer
  • Hello Elena,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    You can cancel the subscription at anytime here in the US/Canada. The subscription will continue to process each month until it is cancelled either via phone, email or chat.

    Product Perks Program*
    • $10 Product Perks per auto-ship per customer account; no matter the number of articles on the auto-ship.
    • The Product Perks are accumulated monthly.
    • The customer must have a Subscribe & Save auto-ship & paying shipping in order to receive monthly Product Perks.
    • The Customer must have earned enough Product Perks to purchase the product of choice; no partial payments.
    • Can the Product Perk be used towards shipping?
    • A:  No. Product Perks can only be used towards a product that is not currently part of their auto-ship order.
    • It cannot be used towards product that is part of their current auto-ship order.
    • It cannot be used towards shipping. However, they can choose to have the free product shipped with their next auto-ship, in which case there would be not extra shipping charge since the $7.95 shipping/handling covers all products in that order. 
    Best regards,

    Charlene Customer Service
  • I would like to cancel my subscriptions
    Lynne Krieger
  • Hello Lynne,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    May I have the name as it appears on your account and the login ID number or order number please?

    Best regards,
    Charlene Customer Service

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