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How do I register as a new customer?

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    • Choose your country and language
    • Go to shop and choose products
    • Follow the instructions to customize your kit
    • Go to checkout
    • Complete your registration by filling in your personal information
    • Click on save and checkout
    • Check your personal information and order and then complete your order by clicking on find representative
    Do you know anyone using the products? Fill out that person’s name as representative. All our customers need to have a partner or referral and by clicking on find a representative you will find one nearby you or you can contact our Customer Service and we can help you.                                 

    • Choose a payment method
    • Read through and accept the terms and conditions and place your order
    • Complete your payment
    Zinzino Customer Service
  • I am an existing customer.  I am trying to get a username registered but don't see how to do that.  Any help is appreciated.  I have tried using the chat feature, but "Charlene" doesn't respond.  This doesn't seem like good customer service.
  • Hello Brian,

    Thank you for your inquiry!

    I am sorry, I do not understand the question when you state trying to get a username registered. Which username are you referring too?

    Best regards,
    Charlene Customer Service
  • I received an email order confirmation today. I want to reduce the shipping frequency of my product,  At the end of the confirmation email is a clickable box "Log In to my account." I did that. I don't have a username as far as I know. Please tell me how to log in to my account and reduce the frequency of my orders.

    Dear Brian Culver,
    We have received your payment, thank you! Your products will be shipped shortly.
    Thank you for being a loyal ZINZINO Customer and choosing our amazing products!
    Order Information
    Customer ID:
    Order number:
    Order date:
    Due date:
    Payment method:
    Order status:
    Credit Card
    Delivery address:
    Brian Culver
    8200 38TH Ave N
    New Hope Minnesota 55427-1113
    United States
    Delivery method: Standard Home delivery
    Billing address:
    Brian R Culver
    8200 38th Ave N
    New Hope Minnesota 55427-1113
    United States
    Order details

    BalanceOil 1 pc/month
    Quantity: 1
    Price: 39.00 USD
    BalanceOil Vanilla 300 ml
    Quantity: 1
    Order summary
    39.00 USD
    2.94 USD
    0.00 USD
    41.94 USD
    Payment Information
    Payment date: 4/16/2021
    Payment method: MasterCard ***********9916
    PO Number: IG4TD41PLU
    Authorization code: 535724
    View Invoice 
    What’s Next?
    After order shipment:
    You will receive an email with shipment details and tracking number.
    I can log into my account to:
    Make payments
    Track order status
    See order history
    Change your subscription, delivery address or make other changes.

    Brian Culver
  • I was on a chat with "Charlene" but was ignored.  Is this feature not activated at this time?
    Brian Culver
  • Hello Brian,

    This is your username below. The password has been emailed to you.


    You cannot reduce the frequency online. We process the monthly subscriptions every month (every 30 days). We can postpone the subscription up to 3 months for you.

    Best regards,
    Charlene Customer Service

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