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How do I qualify to get Zinzino 4Free?

Zinzino Customer Service


  • If you can check YES to each of the questions below by the end of each calendar month, Zinzino will send your next Zinzino 4Free Kit for free.
    • Customer: Are you a Premier Customer?
    • Partners: Do you have a Z4F Kit in your auto order?
    • Do you have at least four (4) personal first-generation Customer Points*?
    • Is the total volume of my first-generation customer credits at least four (4) times the total credits of my own Z4F Kit?
    The same rules apply for partners and customers, but the Zinzino 4Free Kit is called a Premier Subscription for customers. As a customer you may also qualify for multiple free subscriptions.

    * You can read more about Customer Points in our Compensation Plan for USA.
    Zinzino Customer Service

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